Denise and Fiona, Durban 2013.
Denise and Fiona, Durban 2013.

Ageless Grace is a fitness programme based on the cutting edge science of Neuroplasticity. Created by Denise Medved in the USA this is a seated exercise programme where 21 simple tools are used in a fun and playful way to exercise both the body and brain.

 Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to restructure itself – in other words people of any age have the ability to learn new things and form new habits. All 5 areas of the brain are activated and old neural pathways are reopened whilst new ones are created. The 21 tools stimulate kinaesthetic learning, analytical thinking, strategic planning, creativity and imagination and memory/recall.
Performing the exercises in a chair activates the core of the body, increases stability and range of motion. The programme benefits people of all ages and abilities (including children) by improving health, reducing stress, keeping the brain agile and the body responsive.
Almost anyone of any age, ability, body type, size or with any physical challenge can participate and benefit.

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